The Idaho Regional Optical Network (IRON) provides significant opportunities for higher education, healthcare, state and local government, research facilities, and other non-profits by providing some of the most highly reliable access to high-speed infrastructure available in the country.

Idaho’s Regional Optical Network was created by a grassroots approach in 2007. IRON is financially sound and the Associates, as owner-operators, ensure its sustainability. Our organic growth and constant improvement in performance have provided continuous benefits to its Associates for more than 13 years, benefits which can also be applied to the current demand for better connectivity across the state.

The more we Idahoans work from home, the more we’ve realized that Internet connectivity is a must-have for essential services like telemedicine, K-12 education and emergency services. Qualified institutions in Idaho are in an ideal position to utilize IRON’s resources and keep step with other states, ensuring they have dependable access to connect to providers remotely.