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The Idaho Regional Optical Network (IRON) provides significant opportunities for higher education, healthcare, state and local government, research facilities, and other non-profits by providing some of the most highly reliable access to high-speed infrastructure available in the country. Idaho’s Regional Optical Network was created by a grassroots approach in 2007. IRON is financially sound and […]

What Is IRON?

IRON owns and operates a high-speed optical network that is similar to, but also unlike the ones used by businesses and homes to access the internet. It is different because it provides direct links to other such networks across the nation and world, connecting our higher education, healthcare, public government and not-for-profit organizations. It provides […]

How IRON has Helped Research in Idaho

Unlike regular Internet access we use in our homes and offices, Internet2 is used exclusively by K-12, higher education, and research facilities. This 17,000 mile backbone through America provides access to over 100,000 institutions, with each state or region using their Regional Optical Network as on-ramps. Universities and other research institutions in Idaho can compete […]

Untapped Potential

For many of us, a high-speed Internet connection has become more than just part of our evening’s entertainment plan. We’re working from home, joining video conference calls, uploading reports to work and sending homework to teachers. If you hadn’t thought before about how important Internet connection was between business and organizations working remotely, you surely […]

Looking Forward

Since its inception, IRON has been working for the people of Idaho, providing low-cost, high-speed connections for education, collaboration and research. IRON created its strong voice and place in the research community through its support of higher education institutions and research facilities like INL. It can now provide that support to other nonprofits that could […]